Consumer Electronics Solutions

With goals of zero-defect quality, Tektrotronics is the preferred partner of many of the world’s leading consumer electronics manufacturers, supplying superior precision components and gadgets that have part-to-part consistency over high volume. This includes the following products: Boards, Cables, Desktop Computers, Display Monitors, Drives/Storage Devices, Equipment for Physically Challenged, IT Support Equipment, Laptop/Portable/Notebook Computers, Large Scale/Mainframe Computers, Media Memory, Microcomputer Control Devices, Modems, Graphic Related Equipment, MP3 Devices, Networking, Optical Imaging Systems, Optical Recognition I/O Devices, Other Communications Equipment, Other I/O and Storage Devices, PDAs, Power Protect, Printers, Professional Workstations, Projectors, Scanners, Servers, Speakers, Video Cards, Web Cams, Airborne Radar Equipment, Broadcast Band Radio, Microwave Radio Equipment, Radio Navigation Equipment/Antennas, Radio Transmitters/Receivers, Airborne, Satellite Communications Equipment, Two-Way Radio, Telephone Equipment, Audio and Video Teleconferencing Equipment, Communications Security Equipment, Facsimile Equipment, Telephone Answering and Voice Messaging, Pagers and Public Address Systems and Miscellaneous Communication Equipment.

With innovations occurring in all sectors of the industry, time-to-market and providing cost-effective solutions are critical. Our team of technical advisers offer product recommendations and solutions to all of these challenges and more.

Wide Range of Products

We have consumer electronics ranging from digital cameras and smart home technology to drones and virtual reality. Having built long-term relationships with major manufacturers, we continue to pioneer leading-edge components for their latest innovations in a variety of electronics products. contact our Tektrotronics Squad today.